Thursday, May 13, 2010

How can we say thanks?

Sweet church family, there simply are not enough words to express to you appropriately how grateful we Greens & Deasons are for your love and support to our family during these difficult days. It seems like such a whirlwind since I shared with you what was going on in our family on Sunday, April 25th 2010 when Addison Lynn Deason was born to our daughter Ginny and son in love Stephen. Your expressions of prayer, love, and support through cards, emails, Facebook messages, phone calls and financial gifts to help with added expenses has absolutely overwhelmed us. Saying “thanks” really doesn’t seem to be adequate but we are filled with gratitude to our Lord Jesus for each of you and we’re amazed at what God has done for us through the saints of God. God has blessed your prayers on our behalf and I can tell you He’s been answering those prayers in abundance and His abiding presence has sustained us constantly. I know this has been difficult for you all because we’ve been so far away with our family in Texas. You’ve wanted to show your love and care to us but you’ve had to do so via long distance. I have been astounded at the out pouring of love you have lavished upon us and we’re humbled by all you’ve done for us. The financial gifts have been overwhelming to help us with funeral expenses, airline tickets and the myriads of costs associated with such an event. I know the sacrifice this represents for you as you’ve done this above your normal tithes and offerings to the Lord and I can promise you that you cannot out give God as you’ve cared for us on His behalf.  I can also tell you that our family is doing amazingly well in response to your prayers and we’re profoundly thankful. We’re filled with gratitude for the time we had with Addison and for the opportunity to minister to others in the process of walking through her short little life and home-going to Heaven.

Birchman Baptist Church, under the leadership of Dr. Bob Pearle in Fort Worth where our kids and the Deasons are members hosted us for Addison’s celebration. It really was more of a celebration than a funeral. Our church friends in Houston and in many other places along with the Southwestern Seminary have all been an amazing blessing and encouragement to us as well. I sensed your prayers that day as I stood to preach and honor the Lord and His orchestrating all of this. There was a large crowd who attended that day and it was evident the Lord used the message He had given me for the occasion which I called “Honoring the God of all Comfort.” Upon my return here to Bel Air and my interaction with many of you so far, it is evident that you all are grieving along with us and our hurt, heartache and pain is yours as well. The Lord has prompted me to share the same message I preached at Addison’s funeral here at Calvary. Lord willing, I’ll share that message on Sunday May 23rd in both services. I will be honest and tell you I thought I had strength to do it only once, so I’m nervous about walking down that path again. I know however I must be obedient and I know the Lord will honor my obedience to Him even though I think it will be even harder for me and my family a second time. I do want to share of the Lord’s provision and grace granted to us with the prayer that when you face an unimaginable trial of your own, or if you’re still trying to work through some trauma in your life, God will teach you through our experience and the text of Scripture I’ll share. Let me encourage you to please come with a prayerful heart for your Pastor as I stand and deliver and a prayerful heart that God will speak to you. Let me also encourage you to invite others you know who’ve experienced some trauma or who do not know Christ as their Savior. I believe the Holy Spirit will draw people to faith that day but you must invite them to come. Feel free to tell what you know of our story as you invite them if that will help you and lets pray that God will expand His kingdom that Sunday and we’ll all be changed by it.

I love you more than I can express. Our family is grateful to God for calling us, bringing us, and planting us here at Calvary to serve our Lord Jesus with you. We pray our ministry for God’s glory here with you will have profound eternal impact and that many will come to know Jesus as Savior and Lord. There is truly something special, something amazing God has planned for our future together and I can’t wait to experience the movement of God that is coming here with my sweet church family. Standing in awe of Jesus, with thanksgiving and anticipation from my little corner of the world to yours…

Ralph Green

Senior Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church

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